Ōtākaro Orchard
Mar 20 2022 | 10:30 am

This workshop will explore some of the fascinating organisms that make up the Fungi Kindom and will identify some of Aotearoa’s native and endemic edible mushrooms.

Many of Aotearoa’s native and endemic edible species are sadly unacknowledged and uncelebrated. Reconnect with wild edibles and celebrate tasty species that grow here naturally. Learn how to grow your supply of native mushrooms and gain insight into why fungi are essential for healthy ecosystems. A hands-on workshop that will show participants how to grow mushrooms at home using a variety of methods. We will be inoculating logs and showing folk how tubs and planters can be utilised for growing. A great opportunity to learn more about the world beneath our feet and a step towards mushroom self-sufficiency.”

*(Inoculation is the process of introducing spores/mycelium culture to a substrate.)

Cost is a $5 koha for our workshop facilitator