Ōtākaro Orchard is a living learning environment where people can grow, cook, and preserve their own fruit and veggies. Community experts will share their skills, teaching us where our food comes from and how to grow it ourselves.

Education programmes

For kids

Youth education

We have hands on learning education where students can come visit the site and actively take part in projects. We can tailor activities for different age groups.

Learn about :
  • Permaculture
  • Food forests
  • Making compost
  • Worm farms & Insect Hotels
  • Companion planting
  • Propagating plants
  • Plant care
  • Seed saving
  • Nature play

For Community

Group workshop

We offer one day workshops or a series of lessons for both Schools and Community groups.

Learn about :
  • Permaculture
  • Food forest systems
  • Resource management
  • Regenerative practices
  • Soil and water health
  • Growing soil and feeding the soil web
  • Edible garden systems
  • Nursery systems
  • Pest and disease control

Latest News

Food Forest Inhabitants – Medlar

A curious fruit in the food forest is the medlar (Mespilus germanica), an ancient fruit and heirloom variety which has been cultivated for over 3000 years. 


Otakaro Orchards food forest is an example of permaculture – a self sustaining, hands-off approach to growing sustainable food sources.